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LEED for Homes Program

LEED for Homes is a rating system that promotes the design and construction of high-performance green homes. A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste, and is healthier and more comfortable for occupants. Benefits of a LEED home include lower energy and water bills; reduced greenhouse gas emissions; and less exposure to mold, mildew and other indoor toxins. The net cost of owning a LEED home is comparable to that of owning a conventional home. More benefits > >

LEED for homes 10-Step process with AES

Thank you for your interest in LEED Certification for Homes. AES has developed this document to help clarify the LEED Certification process. We look forward to partnering with you and achieving the triple bottom line of economics, social issues, and the environment.

Step 1- Retain Service Provider & Green Rater

Service Provider functions

For your convenience we now offer several packages of bundled services as well as many additional ala carte services. Please see the menu below for pricing and options. Once you have selected the option you desire you can proceed directly to checkout.

At a bare minimum each project is required to retain a Service Provider to perform the following functions-

  • Review of plans to determine initial LEED certification level
  • Approving the green rater and facilitating issues with rater
  • Conference call with USGBC for final LEED certification
  • Administering CIR/ID request
Click links for more information Self Administered Bundled Package Bundled Package Deluxe Bundled Package Supreme
Provider Fee Client Pays AES Client Pays AES Client Pays AES Client Pays AES
USGBC Registration Client Pays USGBC Included Included Included
USGBC Certification Client Pays USGBC Included Included Included
HERS Rating Client Pays HERS Rater Included Included Included
Green Rater Client Pays GREEN Rater Included Included Included
4 hr. Training Project Team Included Included
Design Charrette Included

Bundled Package pricing is based on project type, size, scope, location and other variables. Please e-mail or call for a quotation for your project.

In addition AES offers these other services- Please e-mail for a quote.

  • Design Charrette
  • Document Processing and Handling
  • Additional Training
  • Green Consulting
  • HVAC Load Calculations
  • Trades Training
  • Project Administrative Support


Number of Units Provider Fee (typical; final amount may vary)
1 – 2 (duplex) $650/each unit
Triplex $585/each unit in one building
4 – 10 Units multifamily $900 plus $100/per unit in one building
11 – 20 Units multifamily $1500 plus $100/per unit in one building
21 – 50 Units multifamily $2000 plus $100/per unit in one building
51 – 100 Units multifamily $2500 plus $100/per unit in one building
101 – 200 Units multifamily $3000 plus $100/per unit in one building
201 + Units multifamily $4500 plus $80/per unit in one building
  1. Pay online by clicking on the link and using your major credit card. (Note you are not required to have a PayPal account) -

  2. Pay over the phone (call our office and pay by credit card)
  3. Pay by mail (request an invoice and pay by check or by filling out credit card authorization form)

Within 1 business day of receipt of your payment you will be issued a unique project number access code that you will use to access your online project file. You can then download forms and checklist or upload completed forms and checklists. In addition you can share access to your project documents with any of your team members through an invitation link . Once you have received your project link you can proceed to your online file and begin completing your documentation. Service Provider Fees are non-refundable.

At this time AES will also connect you with a LEED for Homes CERTIFIED Green Rater. If you have purchased a bundled package the Green Rater will be placed under contract on your behalf. If not, it is your responsibility to contract with a certified rater approved by AES and notify AES that you have completed this step by sending AES a copy of the contract agreement indicating the green rater is under contract and list the scope of services.

Step 2- Pre Construction Plan Review

A plan review must be done prior to construction of home by provider (AES). Five components must be completed and uploaded to your project file for AES to begin the plan review. The first four components are all within the LEED for Homes Excel document as a certain tab): 

  1. Project summary for Completed LEED for Homes Project (Summary tab)
  2. LEED for Homes Project Checklist (Checklist tab)
  3. Durability Evaluation (Dur Eval Form tab)
  4. Durability Inspection Checklist (Dur Insp Chklst tab)
  5. Floor plans (usually PDFs)

The checklists will need to be completed at the beginning and at the end of the project. It is very important that all contact information be completely submitted including e-mail.

Note****Items 1-5 listed above are required for the plan review.

  • After you have submitted items 1-5 AES will do a plan review prior to construction.
  • After the plan review, any issues regarding the plans and checklists will be e-mailed to the project contact person.
  • A preliminary LEED rating will be given upon review. However, any issues identified must be addressed before completion of project to ensure that the preliminary rating will be achieved.

Step 3- Registration of Project with USGBC

If you select one of the bundled SERVICE PROVIDER packages AES will register your project with the USGBC on your behalf. If a bundled package is not selected then the project contact person has to register the project directly with the USGBC on-line. In this case, registration fees must be submitted directly to the USGBC. When registration has been completed the project contact is responsible to notify AES that USGBC registration has been completed on-line.

LEED for Homes (REGISTRATION) Pricing- Register Online

Your registration is complete when USGBC receives payment of the registration fee. To receive the USGBC national member price, the individual registering the project must be an employee of a national member organization. If you would like more information about national membership for organizations, please visit our Membership page.

Single-Family Housing Multi-Family Housing Volume PRICING project specific
Registration Certification Registration Certification
USGBC Member $150 $225 $450 $0.035/ sq. ft. Call Provider
Non-Member $225 $300 $600 $0.045/ sq. ft.

*If you are registering 10 or more single family homes or multi-family buildings, please contact your Provider for a volume registration form.

Note: The LEED for Homes Rating System requires completion of on-site inspections prior to certification. Additional Provider and Green Rater verification costs apply and are based on market prices. Please consult the Provider of your choice for applicable rates and fees. All fees are subject to change. Registration and Certification fees are nonrefundable.

Register Online

Project contact must inform AES that they have contracted with an AES approved rater.

Step 4- Construction Phase

This is the construction phase. At this point, project contact should have a GREEN RATER under contract and be communicating directly with the green rater to schedule site visits and testing as part of the construction schedule. The green rater is to communicate regularly with AES on project progress.

Mandatory tests and Energy Star certification are completed during this phase. Please see addendum for required inspections. Photo documentation should be taken during all phases of construction of home.

Required site visits must be planned into the construction schedule and include:

  1. Pre Drywall - After walls are insulated but prior to drywall delivery
  2. Blower Door/Duct Blaster - After substantially finished but prior to final clean up.

Other site visits required based on level of certification and optional testing contracted with rater. This should be determined by the rater not AES.


Green Rater – One or more individuals who visit the building site to ensure that the builder adheres to the integrity of the LEED for Homes program. All Green Raters must be approved by AES.

There are four required inspections.

  1. Pre Drywall inspection – To verify Thermal By-Pass Checklist and quality of insulation installation. A copy of the Thermal By-Pass Checklist can be downloaded from the EPA at: Search for thermal by-pass checklist.
  2. Envelope leakage – Blower Door test to verify air infiltration rates.
  3. Duct leakage – To verify rate of duct leakage to the outdoors.
  4. HVAC/Refrigeration – Ensures air conditioning has the right amount of refrigerant by weight.

Step 5- Post Construction Review

Post construction.

Project manager submits final paperwork to AES. Final paperwork includes; expanded checklist, durability checklist, durability plan, and accountability forms with appropriate signatures. All documentation must have original signatures of responsible party (builder/architect/rater/etc.)

Documents requiring a signature should be submitted electronically in PDF form. A $100 fee will be added for documents that are not submitted electronically. If the paperwork is incomplete or inaccurate you may need to resubmit at an additional fee.

Step 6- Final Paperwork Submittal to USGBC

Submit a check, made payable to USGBC, for certification. Contact AES for the certification cost for your project. AES will forward your check with the final paperwork to ensure the process moves efficiently. A project is not certified until the certification fee has been paid. In order to make it easier for tracking purposes the USGBC will not be sending certification notices and certificates until they have received the full payment amount for the project seeking certification.

AES reviews and submits completed paperwork to USGBC for project certification.

Step 7- Conference Call

AES will schedule a conference call with USGBC (the certifying body) to verify the certification. This process takes 5-10 days after Step 6 is completed.

Step 8- Email Notification that Project is Certified

USGBC sends AES an e-mail notification that project was successfully certified. AES will notify project contact.

Step 9- USGBC Issues Official Certificate

USGBC sends official certification certificates to AES. Please make sure we have your accurate contact information in which certificates need to be send to. Certificates take 4-5 weeks for arrival from the time notification was issued.
LEED for Homes certificates are made in the U.S and are highly durable, low maintenance materials that contain recycled material, zero VOC’s and are all recyclable. Certificate packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard and is printed with water-based ink and has been carefully designed to minimize the size and weight of the item while maintaining necessary strength.

Step 10-AES Delivers Certificate to Client

AES delivers certificates to client and encourages team leaders to promote their project on our Project Profile List. AES will contact project teams with needed information. We also encourage project teams to take part in our post occupancy report to help show the benefits of a LEED home in regards to utility data. This can also earn 1 point in the ID category if completed before certification.