Northbrook rebates permit fees for LEED buildings

January 18, 2010 :: Posted by - Jason :: Category - Economics

The Village of Northbrook has a great incentive program for green building. to promote Green building techniques in public and private sector construction projects, they are giving rebates for LEED-certified buildings.

Northbrook uses the LEED rating system to distinguish different levels of sustainability in construction projects. In turn, for building green, there is a rebate for Covered Permit Fees (permits issued by Northbrook’s Building & Development Department for new buildings, additions, demolitions, alterations and site work) based on the LEED rating of the project.

LEED Certification

Rating Permit Fee Rebate
Certified 10%
Silver 20%
Gold 30%
Platinum 40%

Bonus: if you’re one of the first LEED-certified buildings in a property class, the permit fee is completely waived!

So builders, what are you waiting for? Here is a link to Northbrook’s Green page, where Green Building Incentives are covered. Or click here to view the full green building incentive policy.


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2 Responses to “Northbrook rebates permit fees for LEED buildings”

  1. Cheryl Ciecko Says:

    Great idea to refund permit fees to promote green building! To avoid restraint of trade issues, perhaps it would be best to follow the state of Illinois and Federal government precedents to include ‘or equal green building rating system’ into the language of this program.

  2. Northbrook’s First LEED Home - Permit Rebate | LEED for Homes Illinois Says:

    [...] home in Northbrook, Mr. Riad expects to receive a rebate for the building permit fee, given Northbrook’s green building incentive [...]