LEED-H Tools

Tools and Resources for LEED Project Teams

LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

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General Resources

Download the latest LEED for Homes Checklist (XLS) and the Rating System Overview (PDF) that walks you through it.  Other links from USGBC:

  • Learn how multi-family buildings can pursue LEED for Homes Midrise
  • Homebuilder Resources for LEED projects
  • Find a LEED AP + Homes - Search for “credentialed” experts to assist with your project, or become a LEED AP + Homes.
  • Affordable Housing Toolkit

LEED AP + HomesSpecific LEED-H Credit Resources

Rating System 1-page Snapshot
New incredibly useful tool when a project team is doing an initial scoring of their project, as a guide during a LEED design charrette, and as a good takeaway for educational events.

Download the Basic Operations Training manual (AE1.1)
The LEED for Homes Operations & Maintenance (HOM) Manual was developed to support the LEED for Homes prerequisite AE 1: Education of the Homeowner or Tenant, and to provide tips on maintaining a LEED-certified home. Be sure to read the Project Team Instructions for how to properly use and customize the manual.

Order LEED-H Signage that meets the requirements for Awareness and Education (AE) 1.3
Easy, cheap point!

LL5, LL6 Tool – Walkscore A great web site used by location experts (including real estate professionals) to show the walkability and distance as the foot travels (not as the crow flies) to community services, mass transit, and open space (parks).

Painting for LEED - Learn how paints contribute to Materials and Resources ( MR 2.2) credits in a LEED for Homes project.

Salvaged Materials in LEED for Homes - Learn how reclaimed materials allow you to double-up on points under the Materials and Resources ( MR 2.2) credits on a LEED for Homes project.
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Pre-approved Innovation & Design (ID) Points

  • Utility Tracking - Sign up for USGBC’s BPP process and earn an Innovation credit (ID3) and earn rewards for your new efficient home from local and national retailers. Easy, cheap point!
  • Energy Management & Monitoring System Acoustic Comfort Approved ID Request - specifically for adjacent multi-family units
  • ADA Visitability - making a home ADA-friendly for visitors
  • ADA Universal Design - making a home ADA-compliant
  • Food Garden - incorporated into the landscape plan

Other Resources

Have an existing home not quite ready for LEED?

  1. Learn from some of the standards to influence smaller remodeling projects at ReGreenProgram.org.
  2. Find local contractors, designers, and resources and ask a professional expert questions at GreenHomeGuide.com
  3. Look at products for a greener home.